The Original EO?

InfantrySorry folks… but lets just cut to the chase right away: there is no more Executive Outcomes (EO) – in terms of the para-military company. They were disbanded in 1999; I’m merely the owner of a cool internet domain name.

Now, mind you, the fact that the company by this name has been disbanded hasn’t stopped a few individuals from “representing” themselves as being connected to Executive Outcomes* – but it would seem that they’ve run into tough times as a result.

* in fact, these guys represented themselves as belonging to “Executive Outcome”… not OutcomeS… a subtle distinction – but necessary for their scam.

I registered the domain of “Executive” several years ago because (1) I thought it was very cool (a great, rugged consulting firm kind of name) and (2) as a private joke amongst my friends, because (as a former solider) I knew what the original Executive Outcomes was – and the fact that their real domain name (when they were still operating) was (here is a link to an archive of their original site from 1998).

I wasn’t aware that a second domain of of was created and was (at one time) forwarding to Northbridge Services (today it’s a dead/parked domain). Unfortunately, many people missed the subtle distinction of the “s” and often my name was associated with Northbridge when they did a name-lookup.

Prior to registering this “similar” name however, someone identifying themselves as being CEO of Northbridge attempted to buy the original from me a few years back by telling me that he was with the “new” US branch of the UK offices of Executive Outcomes.

I had to inform this individual that (1) Executive Outcomes (the original) was disbanded; (2) it operated from South Africa; (3) it never had a UK or US office; and (4) Northbridge’s so-called “UK” main office was (at the time) a Mailboxes Etc. po box that forwarded to his US office.

Oddly enough, Northbridge’s UK “office” is still a virtual office/mail forwarding service run by MessageMail (compare the address of Northbridge’s UK office and MessageMail’s London office).

Of course, I’m sure it was all just a misunderstanding.

Whatever company you guys deal with as contractors to these military services companies – ensure you do your research… there are a lot of “pretenders” (and I’m not suggesting that the Northbridge crew are anything but the real thing… do the research and decide for yourselves).

I know that many of these companies are created quickly – just to get a single contract/mandate – and are just as quickly disbanded when the term is up.

Also watch out for people that are starting “new ventures” that will revolutionize the PMC business… and you get a chance to buy-in at the ground floor… it will only cost you a small investment… etc etc. That kind of scam has been around a long time, and I’ll tell you right now – you don’t sell stocks or invest in a company that hasn’t even been created yet.

Yes… you can buy into a privately held company – but you are usually an officer of the company, or a member of the board. Guys and gals off the street don’t buy into a new venture; in most jurisdictions you cant even make public sales of private stocks in this way… so watch out.

Remember… if you are thinking of getting into the private military services industry then, as with any employer – you should be concerned about basic benefits and services.

  • Do they have coverage for you in the event of injury, dismemberment or death?
  • Are you certain that your family will get your last cheque if you are dead?
  • Do they have a plan for dealing with hostage situations?
  • Do they have emergency extraction plans to get remaining team members out of country?
  • Did they bother with basic pre-deployment preventative measures like immunization? etc… etc…

This is just a start of what is a long list… and many of these guys just give you a plane ticket and a contact. Not a good way to do business.

Finally – I just want to restate for everyone: the original para-military services company EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES is DISBANDED!

I am not affiliated with the original, or with any other military-services company.

Honest.  This isn’t just a cool cover story as some of you have suggested.

DUCIMUS!  Err… never mind.

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